How Live Dealer Casino Games Work

Have we come a long way since online casino games first existed? Boy, we sure have! If you are like us and were around the time when the first online casinos were gaining recognition, then you would remember that back then (almost 20 years ago!) almost all the online casinos were of the download variety. Back then, it was the norm I have to say. Microgaming was the leader of those casinos and it worked, for some time.

But, it wasn’t until things become a bit more streamlined thanks to flash and “in browser” technology, that online casinos that only had download capabilities became a bit old fashioned. With games from newer slot companies like Netent whose slots were only instant play (in browser) meant that gone were the days of download casinos, and hello to the days of easy instant casino playing – both on mobile and also desktop.

So, imagine in today’s casino world, the quality of casino games which are now available. If you didn’t get to witness early on games, then the gap may not be as incredible to you, but if you take live dealer casino games that are available today and compare them with the classic online slots from 20 years ago – they are worlds apart. And how times have changed -  for the better we may add. Online casino games have never been this good.

The popularity of live dealer casino games has naturally increased. They are as good and considered the closest to the “real thing” as you can get. If you haven’t played live dealer games, then they are a must.

Most casino players usually enjoy playing them, and most online casinos and betting sites offer a decent selection of live games on their sites. Live games are simple. You choose the game you want to play and then you load the game either on your desktop browser or you can play them on mobile devices too. 

You will then join a table, where you will then see a real casino table and dealer waiting to hear your instructions on how to play and when to play. 

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How Live Casino Games are Streamed

The most popular companies which license their games to casino sites include Evolution Gaming and Netent Live Casino. Each company own a studio where there will be hundreds of tables laid out with live dealers for each one. It works just like a TV station. 

When a person (online) requests to join a table, then they will be live-streamed to the personal computer. There are so many different types of games you can choose from too, with some casinos branding their own live tables or offering different “themes” for some popular games, like Ra Roulette (which is actually based on the Book of Ra Slot) and Celebrity Blackjack.

You are also able to chat with the dealer, via a live chat function. Most of the time you will find live tables available around the clock. That’s basically the way live dealer casino games work. They are real casino games streamed directly to your screen and they are an immense amount of fun.

Live dealer casino games are perfect for those who love playing casino games, but either doesn’t live near a land casino or don’t like going to the casino, preferring the comfort of you their own home instead.

Either way, if you haven’t tried live games, then we really recommend you do! Below we have listed some of the best casino sites online that offer a wealth of premium casino games – there’s something for everyone.